Link Removal

Below are the instructions on how to remove links from your new watch.

Please note that if you are not comfortable doing this yourself then we recommend that you get assistance from a jeweller or watch repairer.

***DO NOT REMOVE THE CLASP LINK. Removing the clasp link will void your warranty.  Due to its shape and the fact that it is made from wood, the clasp link is the most delicate component of your watch. You must start removing links that are at least one link (more is better) from the clasp link. These links are strong and should withstand the pressure needed to remove the pin. ***

The pins will come out with light to medium pressure. You must ensure that the link removal tool is square or directly in line with the pin so that all the pressure is applied directly to moving the pin.

Each pin that holds the links in place has a smooth end and a ridged end. You should make sure when you push out a pin that the end with the ridges comes out first (so you need to be pushing the smooth end). If not, lightly tap the pin back in and try from the other side.

1. First, grab the link removal tool that we have included with the watch.

2. Line up the tip of the tool with a pin on one of the links.

3. Spin the knob on the tool to push out a pin that hold the links together. As before, each pin that holds the links in place has a smooth side and a ridged end. You should make sure to push the side with the ridges out first.

4. Once you have removed the links required you'll need to place back in one of the pins to connect the links together. Apply gentle pressure to the pin once it has slid into both sides of the link to get it aligned flat with the edge.